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Frost Quake Incident Disputed By Seismic Expert in Pennsylvania

A mysterious loud cracking noise reported near a construction site in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ranked among the latest purported frost quake incidents in early 2015. Area news station reported that Matt Moore, a staff meteorologist, believed the sound might have been caused by a cryoseism, describing their occurrence thusly: “[W]hen ground water travels below the surface and freezes. […]

Cryoseisms Reported in Tennessee

  In February of 2015, The Weather Channel featured a story on possible cryoseisms being reported in parts of Tennessee. From their website: Dispatchers in Tennessee have been handling many reports of loud boom-like noises that some people thought were either gunshots, fireworks, exploding gas lines or even trees cracking. According to Brandi Smith, Spring […]

Loud Cracks & Frost Quakes in Smithsonian Mag

Back in January of 2014, the blog at Smithsonian Mag featured a short article on cryoseisms as they relate to loud, mystery sounds occurring at night. The piece was featured around the time that the record cold temperatures during the winter of 2013-2014 had begun to cause renewed interest in frost quakes in North America. Among […]

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